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Southern Remedy Relatively Speaking | Flourishing in the Face of Adversity

Today on Relatively Speaking we’ll be talking about Flourishing….positive health in every way, but how does that happen? Many people experience adversity in their lives, yet ,they are resilient and end up doing very well, but some do not. Why? what makes those who have experienced so much difficulty in end up doing well, being happy and flourishing. Today, Dr. Susan Buttross, Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, is joined by Dr. Christina Bethell, from Johns Hopkins, who has spent 3 decades in researching how we can thrive in the midst in adversity, Shoshanna Oppenheim, master student in public health and a focus in child health at Johns Hopkins, Dr. Ruth Patterson, pediatrician with Mississippi Thrive!, and Lauren Elliott, pediatric nurse practitioner with Mississippi Thrive! 

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